New Rules Guide Foreign Investment

China has some new rules for foreign investment. Interesting. This is from AFP.

China said Tuesday it planned to curb foreign investment in polluting sectors and instead direct it into high technology and new energy.

The State Council, the nation’s cabinet, said in guidelines on its website that it aimed to “seriously restrict (foreign investment) in high energy, highly polluting… projects”.

It added that foreign investment in “high-end manufacturing, high-technology and service industries, and new energy and energy-saving environmental sectors” should be encouraged.

About Yifei Liu
I am a senior research assistant at International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). I received a master’s degree in journalism from UW-Madison with a focus on international and economic reporting in 2011 and a B.A in journalism from Renmin University of China in 2009. I am now living in Alexandria, VA.

One Response to New Rules Guide Foreign Investment

  1. …. “these inflows of foreign capital are not transforming in the productive investment and thus not boosting economic growth. As this study shows that most of FCI are of non-investment (non FDI) type and are concentrated in the selected non-export-oriented and less-employment-generating sectors”…..
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