China Vs America

It is an interesting way to compare China with United States. See a graphic made by

It shows that the government revenue in China is much lower than in United States. Maybe that is one of the reasons why corruptions widely happen in China. When government officials cannot be satisfied from their salaries, their political power becomes more useful, especially in a society that the legal supervision system hasn’t be developed yet.

We can also see that the industrial productions growth rate in China is much higher than in the United States. But China’s electricity, oil and natural gas productions are all lower than America’s. It means China should pay more attention to its energy industry, which are the foundation of the whole society.




Planet Google

Here is an interesting graphic showing Google’s market shares around the world, made by Visual Economics.

Half of the countries that Google shares less than 50% of the market are Socialist Republics. See these numbers:

S. Korea: 3%, Mainland China:26%, Hong Kong: 26%, Russia: 32%, Japan: 38%, Malaysia: 51%, Singapore: 57% (Google must be very frustrated about its Asian market!) Czech: 34%, Estonia: 53%

Does it mean Asian countries and Socialist Republics reject the information renovation? Or it just shows that Google is a bad player in Eastern culture?

Source: Visual Economics

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